What to do in the Basque Country Events - Agenda August 2020


A list of best events for the traveler in August 2020 in the Basque Country in Spain & France, Rioja & Cantabria selected by Aitor Delgado Tours. Cities: Bilbao, San Sebastian, Biarritz, Rioja, Bayonne, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Guernica…

Please note that some of the events below may change due to regulations to control Covid-19.
Sound, light and fireworks show.
Marinella beach. August 8th. In Anglet. 
Best Basques traditions and festivities in Basque Country:
  • In Ordizia. Agricultural Fair. Farm products fair. Every Wednesday.
  • In Hondarribia. Agricultural Fair. Sale of local products. Wednesdays at Damarri Plaza and Saturdays at the Port.
  • In Mungia. Peasant Market. Exhibition and sale of farm products. Every Friday.
  • In Bilbao. Gure Lurreko Merkatuak. Market of products of the hamlets of Bizkaia, made in a traditional way by their farmers, with Basque varieties and native breeds. Slow food, natural and local foods. Tinglados del Arenal. Every Saturday.
  • In Tolosa. Agricultural Fair. Farm products fair. Every Saturday.
  • In Irun. Agricultural Fair. Vegetable Fair. Every Saturday.
  • In Bilbao. Flower and plant market. Flowers and plants grown and collected directly by local producers. A melting pot of colors and smells. Tinglados del Arenal. Every Sunday.
  • In Anglet. Outdoor night market. Chambre d'Amour. July 17th, 24th and 31st. August 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th.
  • In Azpeitia, Biscay & Gipuzkoa. St Ignatius Loiola Festival. In Azpeitia local music, food, drink and festivals. From July 30th to August 2nd. Cancelled.
  • In Bayonne. Festivals of Bayonne. Basque French version of the San Fermin Festivals, with bullfighting, running of the bulls and much more. From July 28th until August 2nd. Cancelled.
  • In Azpeitia, Biscay & Gipuzkoa. St Ignatius Loiola Festival. In Azpeitia local music, food, drink and festivals. From July 30th to August 2nd.
  • In Bayonne. Season 2020 run. Bullfights of Bayonne. First bullfighting place in France. Bullring. From July 31st until September 6th.
  • In Guernica-Lumo. Arabar Errioxako Ardoa eta Makailoa. Tasting and tasting of Rioja Alavesa wine and cod. Fruit and vegetable fair. Exhibition and sale of Basque crafts. August 1st.
  • In Hondarribia. Agricultural Fair. Exhibition and sale of food products and exhibition of traditional crafts. August 2nd.
  • In Anglet. Festival des Chineurs. Antiques market. Bargain Seeker Festival. Esplanade of Quintaou. During the day. August 4th and 5th.
  • In Vitoria-Gasteiz. La Blanca city Festivals. The most popular festival in the Basque Capital. Celedon will come down from San Miguel Church to symbolize the start of these festivals. From August 4th to 9th. Cancelled.
  • In Vitoria-Gasteiz. Fair of the Blanca. Exhibition and sale of crafts and food products. Loma General Place. From August 5th until 8th.
  • In Getaria. Fiestas of San Salvador. Food Fair. Tasting of grilled tuna and txakoli. Eusko Label veal Pintxos. August 6th.
  • In Bayonne. Party Terraces. Concert in front of the terraces and cafes of the city. Various locations. August 6th, 7th, 8th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 27th, 28th and 29th. And September: 3rd, 4th, 5th, 10th and 12th.
  • In Zumaia. Agricultural Fair. Euskal Jai Fair. Products of the hamlet. Food, artisans and workshops. August 7th.
  • In Lekeitio. XXXIII Lekeitioko Baserri Azoka. Agricultural Fair. Exhibition and sale of products from the farmhouse. Tasting of meat. August 8th.
  • In Anglet. Sound, light and fireworks show. Free show (in bad weather, the show will be held the next day, at the same time). Marinella beach. August 8th.
  • In San Sebastian. Crafts Fair. From August 8th to 15th.
  • In Getxo (Alcorta). Market of San Lorenzo. Exhibition and sale of farm products, contest of vegetables, cheeses and plants. August 10th.
  • In San Sebastian. International Fireworks Competition. The Concha Bay. This is one of the biggest events during Big Week. Firework experts from around the world will compete each night to see who can offer the most spectacular show. From August 10th until 17th. Cancelled.
  • In Bayonne. Recorte show. Bullfighting show without killing. Bullring. August 11th. Cancelled.
  • In San Sebastian. Semana Grande (Big week of San Sebastian). Popular party with famous fireworks in Concha beach and lots of visitors. From August, 11th to 18th. Cancelled
  • In Bayonne. Corrida Goyesque. 11am: Novillada without picador. 18h: Corrida goyesque. Bullring. August 14th. Cancelled.
  • In Llodio, Amurrio, Moreda de Álava, Nanclares de Oca, Elvillar,  Asparrena, Bilbao, Portugalete, Guernika, Ondarroa, Gorliz, Mallabia, San Sebastian, Deba, Gabiria, Zarautz,Aduna, Elgoivar, … Festivals in honor to Our Lady of the Assumption (August 15th) and San Roque (August 16th). From August 14th until 18th.
  • In Bayonne. Season 2018 run. Bullfights of Bayonne. First bullfighting place in France. Bullring. August 14th, 30th and 31st. And September 1st. Cancelled.
  • In Araia. Shepherd Day. Exhibition and sale of cheese, artisan and ecological products. XVI edition of the Idiazabal cheese contest. Alava Championship of Dogs Pastor. Tuesday, August 15th.
  • In Deba. Crafts Fair. Exhibition, sale and elaboration of artisan products. August 15th.
  • In Plentzia. Idiazabal Cheese Contest. XXXI Official Competition D.O. August 16th.
  • In Bilbao. Semana Grande (Big week of Bilbao). One of the most popular parties in the Basque Country. From August 18th to 26th. Cancelled.
  • In Biarritz. Antique Fair. 40 exhibitors around 3 Universes. Vintage: Objects, clothing, photos... Le Bellevue. From August 21st until 24th.
  • In Llodio. Black pudding day. Big day of the town festivities. The tradition of eating black pudding on this day dates back to 400 years ago, when the steers that were eaten on Sunday at the Guild food were sacrificed. August 22nd.
  • In Llodio. "Baserritar Eguna". Farmers' Day. Festivities of San Roke. Exhibition and sale of farm products with tasting of txakoli and cider as well as meat pintxos. Dulzaineros, trikitilaris and txistularis. Rural sport, and shepherd dog contest. Plaza de Lamuza. August 28th.
  • In San Sebastian. Euskal Jaiak - Basque festivities. Old part of the city. The Day of the Cider will start the festival of Basque culture. Musical and sports activities and the best Basque gastronomy are its main claim. From August 28th to September 6th. Cancelled.
  • In Pipaon. Crafts Fair. Museum of living ethnography. Sample of elaboration of artisan products, mowing, soap making, bread... August 29th.
  • In Elgoibar. Agricultural and Livestock Fair. Cattle contest. Cheese contest. Cider tasting and contest. Rural sport. Agricultural tool. August 29th.
  • In Bayonne. Atlantic Feria. Novillada without picadors and corrida. Bullfighting atmosphere, eating places, flamenco and Sevillian dancer’s concerts. Bullring. From August 30th until September 1st. Cancelled.
Cinema on the beach. Chambre d'Amour.
August 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th. In Anglet. 
Regarding arts, congress and exhibits in Basque Country:
  • In Bilbao. Exhibition: "J. S. Elkano. After the Footprint". It delves into the biography of Juan Sebastian Elkano (1487/88 -1526), and allows the visitor to follow his life imprint, before, during and after the first circumnavigation of the Earth. Basque Maritime Museum. Until December 2020.
  • In Zumaia. Ignacio Zuloaga cultural space. Studio of famous Basque pintos of recognized international prestige. Santiago House. Open from April to September. Private visits all year.
  • In Bilbao. Exhibition: ABC. The alphabet of the Bilbao Museum. With this expo the 110th birthday of the museum is celebrated. Bilbao Fine Arts Museum. From October 6th, 2018 until December 30th, 2020.
  • In San Sebastian. Exhibition: “Elkano. The first travel around the world". The expo claims that the first circumnavigation was possible thanks to Elcano's initiative and his nautical knowledge. Basque Maritime Museum. From November 27, 2019 to December 2020
  • In Hernani. Eduardo Chillida: Seeking the light expo. From a trip that the sculptor made in 1963 through Greece, Italy and French Provence in which he discovers new concepts around light and architecture. Chillida Leku. From December 6th, 2019 until January 30th 2021.
  • In Bilbao. Olafur Eliasson: In real life. Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson places the viewer's experience at the core of his art. Guggenheim Museum. From February 14th until April 4th, 2021.
  • In Bilbao. Richard Artschwager exhibition. Art halfway between painting and sculpture, developing a unique language. Guggenheim museum. From February 29th until August 23th.
  • In Getaria. Fashion and Heritage: Cristobal. It puts the focus on Cristóbal Balenciaga himself and the imprint he has left behind as a person through various objects that belonged to him and that have been collected in the Museum's collections. Part of the annual program for the 125th anniversary of his birth. Cristobal Balenciaga Museum. From February 29th to January 10th, 2021.
  • In Bilbao. Exhibition Lygia Clark: Painting as an experimental field, 1948−1958. Pioneer of abstraction, the Brazilian Lygia Clark was a fundamental artist of the second half of the 20th century. Guggenheim museum. From March 6th until October 25th.
  • In Bilbao. Steve Paxton: Drafting Interior Techniques. It consists of eight ‘studies’ on an interior interior technique ’applied to the body in motion that improvises. It revolves around a question that Paxton constantly posed to himself in his study: What does my body do when I am not aware of it? Azkuna Center. From June 1st until September 20th.
  • In San Sebastian. Exhibition "The longest trip". Fifth centenary of the first round the world by Fernando de Magallanes and the Basque Juan Sebastian Elcano. Documents of the Archive of the Indies of Seville. San Telmo museum. From June 19th until October 25th.
  • In San Sebastian. Margaret Watkins: Black Light. Exhibition with the work of a reference photographer from the 20th century. International Center for Contemporary Culture Tabakalera. From June 19th until October 25th.
  • In Getaria. Balenciaga Collection by designer Azzedine Alaïa. Unpublished exhibition under the direction of the renowned Olivier Saillard, curator of fashion exhibitions and former director of the Palais Galliera, Paris Fashion Museum. Part of the annual program for the 125th anniversary of his birth. Cristobal Balenciaga Museum. From July 1st to October 2nd. Dates under review by the organizers.
  • In Elorrio. Musikaire 2020. Summer festival with music, theater and contemporary dance that uses the most attractive places in the town as a stage, especially its magnificent palaces and gardens. This year they will be in San Roke and Aldatsekua. From July 4th until August 29th.
  • In Bilbao. Cultural summer: theater, circus, clown, magic, dance, bertsolaritza and music, among others. From July 6th until August 27th.
  • In Biarritz. Exhibition "And Eugenie created Biarritz, Imperial City". Commemorate the 100th anniversary of the death of Empress Eugenie de Montijo, July 11, 1920. The exhibition is an invitation to discover these stays of the imperial couple, between 1854 and 1868. Historical Museum. From July 11th until October 10th.
  • In San Sebastián. Kutxa Kultur Gauak 2020: concerts, dance, theater, meetings, disco parties, contemporary dance, workshops, fashion, instagram conferences, youtubers and many more things to enjoy the summer on an outdoor terrace. Roof of the Tabakalera. From July 12th until August 26th.
  • In Bayonne. Exhibition: La Poterie D'Art de Ciboure 1919 - 1995. Basque Museum of Bayonne. From July 18 to January 3rd, 2021
  • In Hernani. Cultural program of the Chillida Leku museum for the summer. Different activities of dance, music or yoga and there will be workshops for children and night visits. From July 24th until August 29th.
  • In Bilbao. "Electroconfort", new album by the modern music band "The Captain Elephant". Euskalduna Palace - Room 0B. August 1st.
  • In Bilbao. Antonio Oyarzabal, pianist. Piano recital with works by women composers. Euskalduna Palace - Room 0B. August 2nd.
  • In Biarritz. Concert "Lyric songs and great organs". Philippe Barret, baritone. Raphaël Tambyeff, organ. Works by Bach, Caccini, Durante, Handel, Mendelssohn, Stanley... Saint Joseph Church. August 2nd.
  • In Bilbao. Dalias is the combination of different poetic and dramatic texts by Federico García Lorca. Actors use physical theater or dance throughout the story. Euskalduna Palace - Room 0E. August 2nd.
  • In Biarritz. Piano Festival - Alexandre Tharaud. Opening Night. Cantor of French music, Alexandre is one of the most popular pianists in France. 2 sessions: 6.30 p.m. and 9 p.m. The Bellevue. August 3rd.
  • In Biarritz. Piano Festival - Marie-Ange Nguci. Marie-Ange's universe is not limited to the piano. It was through the cello and the organ that she came to music. 2 sessions: 6.30 p.m. and 9 p.m. The Bellevue. August 5th. There are also performances on August 7th, 9th and 11th, each day with a new interpreter.
  • In San Sebastian. Rock band concert: Viva Sweden. Kursaal Auditorium. August 7th.
  • In Bayonne. Concert of Harmony Bayonnayse. Carreau des halles. August 7th and 13th.
  • In Biarritz. Itsasoa Choir Concert. About fifty choristers divided into 4 to 8 desks. His program has been designed to satisfy all audiences with sacred songs, traditional, but also contemporary; all from the rich Basque musical and cultural heritage. Sainte Eugenie Church. Several dates still unconfirmed.
  • In San Sebastian. 81st Donostia Musical Fortnight. It is the longest standing classical music festival in Spain and one of the most time-honored in Europe. Kursaal Auditorium. From August 8th until 29th.
  • In Biarritz. Oldarra - Men's choir from the Basque Country. Oldarra (meaning moose in Basque) is composed of forty amateur singers. He interprets, a capella, both religious and secular polyphonic works. Originally exclusively Basque, the repertoire has expanded, incorporating works from around the world. Church of St. Eugenie. Several dates still unconfirmed.
  • In Anglet. Cinema on the beach. Projection of a movie on a large screen. Chambre d'Amour. August 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th.
  • In Pozalagua. Music festival. Outside amphitheater of the Pozalagua Caves. The concerts will claim the best tradition of rock and classical music with the performance of Desira, Remember Queen and the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra. August 9th and 10th. Cancelled.
  • In Iruña de Oca. Moon party. San Lorenzo Day. Botanical Garden of Santa Catalina. August 10th.
  • In Bayonne. Concert Chorus of Men Haiz Egoa. Gate of Spain. August 12th and 19th.
  • In Araia and Asparrena. XXVI Festival of Humor Theater 2020. Also with acrobatics, dance, music and magic. From August 14th until 16th.
  • In Saint Jean de Luz. Festiorgues: "The joy of the Basque soul". Church of Saint John the Baptist. August 17th.
  • In Bilbao. Extraordinary Concert - Bilbao Symphony Orchestra. Euskalduna Palace - Auditorium. August 18th.
  • In Bilbao. Musical: Cruz de Navajas. A show that pays tribute and recognition to the music of the Mecano group. Arriaga Theater. From August 20th until September 13th.
  • In Anglet. 8th Biennial of Contemporary Art. The Anglet Biennale of Contemporary Art has found its place nationwide in France with the presence of major artists who share their artistic creations with the public. Chambre d'Amour beach. From August 21st until November 2nd.
  • In San Sebastian. Musical tour # AS2020 of the Galician singer-songwriter Andrés Suárez. One of the maximum exponents of the song of author in Spanish; widely respected by the public and specialized critics. Kursaal Auditorium. August 22nd.
  • In Bilbao. Concert "La Fantástica" by Berlioz - Symphony Orchestra of the Basque Country. Euskalduna Palace - Auditorium. August 22nd.
  • In Anglet. Chambre d'Amour night. Concerts and street artists. Fireworks. Chambre d'Amour beach. August 22nd.
  • In San Sebastian. Poetic tour «Life Ahead«. With the poet, guitarist and singer from Zaragoza Gabriel Sopeña, and the singer Loquillo. Kursaal Auditorium. August 26th.
  • In Bilbao. Flamenco show with the famous Almería-born cantaora María José Pérez and the Vitoria-Gasteiz dancer “La Pulga”. Music by Manuel de Falla, Sarasate and Granados. Bilbao Sinfonietta. Euskalduna Palace - Auditorium. August 26th.
  • In San Sebastian. Coque Malla in his "Impossible Tour". Piano, guitar and voice. Kursaal Auditorium. August 28th.
  • In Getaria. Introduction to Haute Couture tailoring techniques. Master class by Javier Martín. Cristóbal Balenciaga Museum. From August 28th until 30th.
  • In Vitoria-Gasteiz. FesTVal - Spanish Television Festival. Festival dedicated exclusively to television in all its formats: contests, magazines, series, cultural, educational and social outreach programs, news programs, children's, youth and adult entertainment... From August 30th until September 6th.
  • In Bayonne. Exhibition Raphaël in Bayonne: the master, his pupils, his copyists in the collections of the Bonnat-Helleu museum. 2020 marks the five hundred years since the death of Raffaello Santi dit Raphaël (1483-1520), genius of the Italian Renaissance. From next September 19th to October 4th.
  • In Bilbao. Kandinsky at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. Paintings and works on paper and trace the aesthetic evolution of Kadinsky throughout his career. From next November 20th until May 30th, 2021
Surf at night. Professional surf night competition.
Sables d'Or Beach. Day and night.
August 29th. In Anglet.
Regarding Basques and others sport:
  • In San Sebastian. Horse races. San Sebastian Racecourse. From June to September.
  • In Saint Jean de Luz. 2nd International Professional Masters of Cesta Punta. Fronton Jai Alai. Semifinal: July 30th. Final. August 4th. Other Cesta Punta event until August 27th.
  • In Getxo. Circuit of Getxo cycling. Memorial Ricardo Otxoa. July 31st. New probable date: August 2nd.
  • In Saint Jean de Luz. Traditionnels Basques Sports. Municipal Fronton. August 3rd and 31st.
  • In San Sebastian. The "Classic" Cyclist race. It is part of the UCI ProTour. It starts in the morning and returns to the city in the afternoon with a route of 225 km throughout the province. August 3rd. Cancelled.
  • In Biarritz. Basque pelota in cesta punta - French Pro / Am Championship. Biarritz Jaï Alaï. Eliminations: August 3rd and 5th. Semifinals: August 10th. End: August 12th.
  • In Biarritz. Basque pelota in Grand Chistera. Trophy of the City of Biarritz. Mazon Park. August 6th, 13th, 15th, 20th, 27th and 30th.
  • In Anglet. Open beach Volley. Tournaments, demonstrations and initiations of Beach volleyball. Sables d'Or Beach. Day and night. August 7th, 8th and 9th.
  • In Ribadesella, Asturias. The descent of the Sella River. This festival of international interest is one of the most important events in canoeing worldwide. August 8th. Cancelled.
  • In Biarritz. Basque Force show. Mazon Park. August 9th, 16th and 23rd.
  • In Anglet. Pro Anglet. Professional surfing competition QS 1,500. From August 20th until 25th.
  • In San Sebastian. Swim around the island. The Concha Bay. Adults 3km swimming. Children, 600m La Concha Beach. From August 25th. Cancelled.
  • In Bilbao and San Sebastian. UEFA Women's Champions League. San Mamés Stadium in Bilbao and at the Anoeta Stadium in San Sebastian. Quarterfinals: August 21st and 22nd. Semifinals: August 25th and 26th. End: August 30th in San Sebastian.
  • In Anglet. Surf at nightProfessional surf night competition. Sables d'Or Beach. Day and night. August 29th.
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