San Sebastian - The European Capital of Culture in 2016

In my tours this year, there is a new question arriving. What does the European Capital of Culture mean?
This is a programme by the European Union which designates one or two cities in Europe and promotes the cultural events in the city.

San Sebastian is well known for its food, as we are showing in our pintxo tours. But this year is having a special but this city, and the Basque Country, have a unique culture that is proudly seen in many of our behavious.

In this 2016, we will have a lot of events, as you can see in our monthly agenda and in the official programme.
But it will be also an opportunity to see incredible life events, like this wonderful moment that you can see here:

Another reason to love the city of San Sebastian and another reason to visit the city of San Sebastian. And if you want to get a local tour guide for your visit, do not hesitate to let me know!