Travel Madrid to Bilbao (or Bilbao to Madrid). Make a fun tour of it!

Rarely my partner and I make a trip, even business, which does not incorporate a visit to an off-the-beaten-track place, sometimes it will mean a small detour from our main road, and sometimes it will mean to go back through some well-known place that we want to enjoy again.
Burgos Gothic Cathedral Private Tour Guide with Aitor Delgado Private Tour Guide
Burgos Gothic Cathedral is a must for Santiago Pilgrims, and also a must on our way
Every time we go from Madrid to Bilbao or backwards we normally do it in our car or with a friend. This way we minimize costs and also took the opportunity to enjoy the time with friends, strengthen ties, and have adventures together. If you want to get an idea of ​​the direct way to travel from Madrid to Bilbao, with no stops to visit other cities or intermediate people read the post from Madrid to Bilbao: transport journey.

Due to this, and as a vivid personal experience, we have incorporated into our professional work as local tour guides in the Spanish and French Basque Country an escort and leisure service to tourists who are in Madrid or in Bilbao, and they want to continue their travel to the other city. You can contact me for that through my contact form for your private tour and give me details of your plan.

In these tours we introduce, depending on the interests of the traveler, unique places otherwise overlooked if you travel by plane, bus or train. It's a journey we have made personally over 60 times, and never got bored because it is a path full of cozy places for different tastes.

Burgos - Castilla Kings tombs

You can visit beautiful cities such as Burgos (and its magnificent Gothic cathedral, the best in Spain, where he is buried El Cid) and Aranda de Duero, or people like Lerma with its charm of medieval Spanish city and its National Parador, or the small medieval walled town of Buitrago de Lozoya where a small Picasso museum is hidden. I still recall the times when all Picasso paintings were just in the lower area of the City Hall, no museum, no innovative presentation, just direct contact with the piece of art. That is what makes the difference on a trip! 

On the way there are countless beautiful natural landscapes such as the Sierra de Guadarrama, the Pancorbo Pass, the pass of Somosierra, ... where we can stop to enjoy their color, geology, feel its atmosphere... we can also taste its typical food: Burgos blackpuding, goat, lamb, custard cakes or marzipan.

You can make your trip from Madrid to Bilbao (or San Sebastian, or Rioja or Vitoria) a travel to the past... And see the remain of our ancestors in the archaeological site of Atapuerca, a World Heritage Site since 2000. A place to learn about ourselves.

Being practical, unless transferred by plane or need to make this journey fast to need to get to another destination, in terms of cost-benefit, I normally recommend this travel that allows you to turn your journey into a travel experience. You are investing your money and time to enjoy the journey and turn a simple transportation time on a tourist experience. You can do it with us or not, but enjoy this journey !!!.

For more information about places to stop, or if you want me to join your vehicle and make special stops on these towns.

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