Hemingway in the land of Basques. Pamplona & Rioja

Hemingway loved Spain and came several times from 1923 to 1963.

Pyrenees Private Tour between Spain & France
Pyrenees between Basque Tour between Spain & France.
His visits to Pamplona to enjoy San Fermin festivals are very well known. Actually, he wrote about the running of the bulls festival in his book "The Sun Also Rises". Which is one of the reasons why many Americans, Australians and British to come to this incredible party happening in Pamplona.

He loved bull fighting and wines, so that Pamplona San Fermin festivals, was a perfect destination for him.

But of course like a travel lover he was, he also enjoyed making tours to other areas nearby.

It is famous that he went to the Pyrenees (nowadays an easy day tour from Pamplona, San Sebastian or Biarritz), as it is written in his book "The Sun Also Rises" but it is not so well know that he also travel South.

In September 1956 during the harvest festival of Logroño, he used his visit to see the bullfighting, but he also made a winery tour to visit Haro where he went to taste the best Rioja in the area. Just as many guests are doing with Aitor Delgado. There he tasted several Rioja wines best with his local friends.

But he also visited the Basque cities of Bilbao, Vitoria & San Sebastian... tasting the best of our food and wines.

Nowadays, with Aitor Delgado Basque Private Tour Guide, you can follow the steps of Hemingway (and made your owns) to see these and other places of your interest. 
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