Oldest Basque Center in US

Basque food and restaurants are becoming more and more popular in US. Nowadays, we have American chefs coming to the Basque Country to get inspiration in the glorious pintxo bars that you can see in Bilbao, to eat in one of the constellation of Michelin stars in San Sebastian, to enjoy tastiest food in Spanish food capital of Vitoria or to try the Basque French cousine and dishes in Biarritz...

But not long time ago, the only presence of Basque culture in US was due to Basque Centers, and I wanted today to make a special note to the first US Basque Center which was opened in New York in 1913.

But this was not the only thing of New York and New Jersey that has relationship with the Basque Country. 

Some guests think that the incredible Basque Rioja medieval village of Laguardia can has relationship with NYC's LaGuardia airport. There is not really any relationship with Rioja Alavesa town.

But did you know that there are some people who say that Bayonne, NJ has this name was given by French huguenots after the French Basque Country capital of Bayonne (Baiona)?