Three sweets that you have to try whilst in the Basque Country

After so many food or pintxos (remember though that you can also taste some sweet pintxos as well in our pintxo tours) why we do not try a local dessert:

A Pantxineta This is the most traditional San Sebastian dessert. Basically a puff pastry with custard that you can find in many patisseries of San Sebastian.
Basque Cake cooking class private tour guide
Basque Cake

B Goxua Originally from the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz, but now spread all around the Spanish Basque Country. You can find it in many restaurants. This sweet has three layers: First of whipped cream following by a small cake and all covered by a custard layer with a caramel toping. Yumm..

C Basque Cake This is another example of the "globalization" of a Basque dessert. It was originally made in the French Basque Country. It has gone down from the Pyrenees Mountains some years ago and now is easily found in a lot of patisseries all over the Spanish and French Basque Country. A true delicacy which most traditional flavours include the berries marmalade and the custard, but that nowadays you can find it with strawberry jam or chocolate. 
And there are more... like the typical Fall dessert of Intxaursalsa which you can only find in Autumn...
Such a great and sweet way to end your day after a walking tour!

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