Real State in Spain and in the Basque Country

Aerial view of San Sebastian. Concha Bay & Miraconcha St.
People ask me often about the value of the houses in the charming town of San Sebastian, but few can imagine that the street in Spain where most expensive houses are is not in Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella or Costa del Sol.

The most expensive houses in Spain are in San Sebastian, and exactly in Paseo Miraconcha. The houses in this street are 23% higger than in Passeig Garcia Faria (Barcelona), which is the second most expensive street in Spain.

A house in this exclusive Miraconcha Street costs an average of 9,453 EUR per sqm.

Then Barcelona and Madrid follows with 3 and 4 streets each. But on 8th is again the Basque Country, Bilbao in this case, with a street that starts nearby the Guggenheim Museum (Paseo Uribitarte).

And this reflects the high standards of living of the Basques and the bigger Gross Income of the Basque Country if you compare it with other areas in Spain.

Here you have the full range according to the Spanish real state specialist "Idealista":
#1 Miraconcha Street, Donostia - San Sebastian. 9,453 EUR per sqm
#2 Garcia Faria Street, Barcelona. 7,303 EUR per sqm
#3 Gracia Street, Barcelona. 6,954 EUR per sqm
#4 Velazquez Street, Madrid. 6,260 EUR per sqm
#5 Jose Ortega y Gaset Street, Madrid. 6,008 EUR per sqm
#6 Serrano Street, Madrid. 5,962 EUR per sqm
#7 Almagro Street, Madrid. 5,934 EUR per sqm
#8 Uribitarte Street, Bilbao. 5,723 EUR per sqm

Image by Krokodyl