San Sebastian Film Festival - Where and what to see?

There are countless reasons to visit San Sebastian and the International Film Festival happening every September can be a great one.

San Sebastian film festival tour guide
San Sebastian Film Festival, another reason to make a trip to San Sebastian

Celebrated at the end of September, it is the opportunity to that a lot of celebrities use to visit this incredible city:
  • Actors like Denzel Washington (who will receive the Donostia award), John Malkovich, Antonio Banderas, Carlos Bardem and Viggo Mortensen and Willem Dafoe. 
  • Directors like Pedro Almodovar, Benicio del Toro and Lasse Hallstrom.

There is also chance on these days to see a wide variety of films from USA, Spain, France, Bulgaria, Argentina, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Canada, India, Denmark, Chile and South Korea fighting to win the biggest prize on the festival, the Golden Shell "Concha", a representation of San Sebastian famous beach.

Films are played untranslated in cinemas and other corners of San Sebastian like the San Telmo Museum or Victoria Eugenia Theater. And all places are full with locals during this event. 

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