Selection of the best Easter holidays celebrations in the Basque Country

Easter celebrations have a lot to do with the deep roots of the Christian Catholic religion in the Basque Country.

Although religion is not playing the important rule that it did years ago in the modern Basque society, these expressions of faith are still followed and performed. Sometimes due to a real religious feeling, other times only as a local tradition.

Here you have a selection of the 3 best places to see something characteristic and unique. Our Easter ABC:
A Balmaseda, Biscay. Living Stations of the Cross (Via Crucis) are done by more than 500 locals. Making this the most popular event in this town of 7500 inhabitants. Families fight for having the right of playing major rules in the show. They start on Holy Thursday with "the Last Supper", the "huerto pray" and the "Jesus Christ arrest". Early morning on Good Friday, drums mark the entry of the Roman guard to make the "Pilate's court", the "hanging of Judas" and all the rest of major events of last days of Jesus are performed in this Passion play by locals who have been rehearsing it for the whole year.

B Azkoitia, Gipuzkoa. On the night of Good Friday specially processions take place with the silence procession of Virgin Mary following the died body of Jesus. A silence only broken by the roman soldiers' lances.

C Tudela, Navarre. Other interesting and different celebration. Specially on Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. In Holy Saturday, at 10am in the main square of Tudela (Plaza de los Fueros), when the cigar of "Volantin" explodes, a dancing starts until the figure of Volantin remains naked hanging in the middle of the square.
The following day, at 9am in the same square a boy (or girl) dressed as an angel, announces the Virgin Mary that Jesus Christ resurrection

Nearby, also in Navarre province, you can see the Barroque processions of Corella. Of great interest as well.

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