Rioja wine. What can I expect? (2)

An usual question that I face in my Rioja Private Tours is about the variety of local grapes:

The most common grape found in Rioja wine production area is Tempranillo. 

Many wines have a major Tempranillo content (80 - 90 or even 100%)
Other grapes that can be found in reds are: Red Garnacha and, in smaller proportions, Mazuelo and Graciano. Other grapes are found but experimentally.

The minimum proportion of the traditional grapes ranges from 85% to 95% depending if only the grain or if the full bunch is used.

In whites, not so popular in the area, main one is Viura and then Malvasia and White Garnacha.

The mix of all this grapes, have helped the enologists and wineries to reach to different wines to modern consumer desires. 

Enjoy the Rioja!

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