Thomas Kellers gastronomical tips for San Sebastian in VOGUE

Surfing I have seen this article of last summer in the magazine VOGUE that speaks about some of the best restaurants in the area around San Sebastian. Of course as it happens a lot of times. 

The ones shown (Mugaritz, Arzak, Etxebarri, Rekondo, Elkano) are good but they are not the only good ones. 
We have spoken about that before. The Basque Country food is so diverse that you can find many top restaurants with modern food to traditional recipes. All in a very short distance that makes the travel to this corner of the world a party for foodies.

Here you have a link to this article: Gastronomical tips for San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain by VOGUE as it is giving good tips for you

Enjoy Basque food!
Enjoy the Basque Country!
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