Turkey and the Basque Country

After the opening of a Turkish Airlines flight between Istanbul and Bilbao last Summer more and more Turkish are coming to visit the Basque Country.

Our countryside can be sometimes similar to that of the Turkish Black Sea: green, hilly and with the sea appearing from time to time. The small typical Basque villages with its churches and bell towers scattered around the mountains makes a delightful scenario for my Turkish visitors. 
The food here is another highlight, with luxury restaurants and also other only known by locals which we visit in our way for a pintxo stop or for lunch, but always for a great Basque meal.

As these Turkish guests are coming mainly from bigger cities: Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, they enjoy very much the mixture of countryside and trendy cities like Bilbao, Vitoria or San Sebastian, that the Basque Country can offer.

Now that the religious holiday of Feast of Sacrifice and the Republic Day of 29th October is about to arrive I wish to wish all the Turkish friends reading this post a real wonderful time.
Willing to help you in your tours in the Basque Country. You know that you can contact me for a local Basque private guide from a couple of hours to see a highlight like the Guggenheim Museum or a village to day tours. Always open to help.

Ask for more details at: tours@aitordelgado.com