San Fermin festival in Pamplona - Running of the bulls festival in July

San Fermin is told to be the first bishop of Pamplona, Navarre, back in the 3rd Century, on Roman times. 

According to the tradition it was baptisted by Saturninus (known in Pamplona also as St. Cernin) and became a priest in Toulouse (France). He was the first bishop of Pamplona and died afterwards in Amiens (France) beheaded after giving baptism there to more than 3000 people.
Packed City Hall square for the running of the Bulls

But for what is best known San Fermin nowadays, abroad from Navarre and Spain, it is because of the festival of San Fermin happening from 6th to 14th July every year in Pamplona, Navarre.

The festivals there start early in the morning with the bulls running in the streets of the city center from the North of Pamplona to the bull fighting square of Pamplona.

Monument to the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona

Hemingway, the American famous writter and traveller loved this festival and wrote about it in his famous book: "The Sun also Rises".

Basque traditional sports also popular during San Fermin festival

Mainly because of this book, the fame of San Fermin is spread all around the world. Tours to see the places related with Hemingway visits, rentals of balconies or just enjoying the atmosphere of this great festival are very common on these days.

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