San Fermin. July in Pamplona is more than running of the bulls & Hemingway.

A lot of people out of Spain knows Pamplona and its summer festivals of July thanks to the book of the American writer, traveller and Spain lover, Ernest Hemingway "The Sun also Rises".

His first arrival to Pamplona was back on 6th July 1923. He felt in love with the festivals and came back several times until 1959.

Following the reading of his book (compulsory in some schools), a lot of young and not so young come to the city of the Running of the Bulls from 6th to 14th July to enjoy the party, and often, run the bulls in the early morning.
Now that I am older to run, I am also going to enjoy other parts of this festival, such as the Basque sports (like the pelota or cesta-punta known in some countries like France and Florida, United States as Jai Alai, wood chopping or stone lifting, etc. (yes I know those sports sound weird). But also enjoy a beer in a park or terrasse or the music in the Fueros Square. The ambience is really special on this time of the year in Pamplona.

Have you already experience Pamplona in San Fermin?
It is worthy. No mather your age, if you are coming alone, with your couple, with friends or with your children or grand-children. 

There is an space for all! 
Just take your white t-shirt and you can buy here a white trouser/skirt and a red scarf to look like locals.

If you need any help you can contact me to make a private tour for you to see the areas of most interest. You can contact me here: 
Enjoy Pamplona!