Mondays in Museums VIII - Museum of Artistic Reproductions

This off-the-beaten-track museum was created more than 70 years ago with double function of teaching for art students and showing to the general public first copies of the key sculptures of the world.

Inside this particular museum has accurate and direct reproductions (made from the originals in the Vatican Museums, the Academy in Florence, the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, the Louvre in Paris, the British Museum in London and other collections).

There are as well explanations of the procedure of creating these direct copies from the originals (without harming at all the originals) and what are the applications of the reproductions nowadays.


This non conventional museum in Bilbao lies in a different building as well. It occupies a church in neo-gothic style of 19th Century giving the museum a perfect scenario for the classic sculptures shown.

An original museum made with copies. Isn't not clear now that Bilbao is always renewing itself?

Closed on Mondays. We could not be that innovative!