Thursdays of food - Pintxos in Bilbao

All the Basque Country is full of these small pieces of cullinary art called Pintxos (different from those called "cazuelitas", "tapas" or "ración" that we will explain in a latter post). You can remember our last week's post over this field: Pintxo-Pote in Vitoria

Being Bilbao a top sightseeing spot with its Guggenheim and architecture hits, it will be not an excemption to this. Bilbao is full of pintxos and many bars are offering these small pieces of art everyday all around the city.

In "Plaza Nueva" and the Old Quarter are two of the best places to visit with wide bars full of a wide variety of pintxos.
You will be delighted to see the big pintxo bar of Bar Bilbao (a business making 100 years in 2011) and Bar Casa Victor Montes.
The architecture of the Plaza Nueva allows them to have an outside terrase