The Basque Culture Department is promoting by this project the production of new choreographies in the Basque Country. The 9 works will shown in 4 different scenarios during the following weeks. Each work has been defined for each scenario:

Three works will be shown in a theater (Gazteszena in San Sebastian) on 15th October at 19:30:
· Iker Arrue: “Verfallen”
· Nagore Somoza: “Sasi eta odeien artean / Entre bardisses i núvols”
· David Guerra: “Tr3s x Tr3s”
More details: (in Spanish and Basque: Gazteszena. On sale for 5 EUR at Ticket Gasteszena

Other 2 will be shown in Museum Artium of Vitoria-Gasteiz, Sala Blanco, on 21st October at 19:30. More details in: Artium Museum. Ticket Purchase (6 EUR): Ticket Artium Dantzan Bilaka
· Estibaliz Olabarri: “P L A Y S T A N D S S T I L L”
· Eneko Gil-Noemi Viana: “Tempus, -i”
· Nagore Somoza: “…”

And the last one will be shown in the Sala Cero of Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao on 2nd November at 20:30. More information (in Spanish): Museo Guggenheim Dantza Plazan. Free entrance.
· Carla Fernández: “GU-nosotros los héroes”

Other 3 will be seen in La Merced, in Bilbao on 2nd November at 20:30. More details in: La Merced Dantzan Bilaka. Ticket Purchase (10 EUR on La Merced the same day and 8 EUR for sales in advance): Tickets La Merced Dantzan Bilaka
· Eneko Balerdi: “L´akua”
· Oiane López de Munain: “Nahual”
· Marianela León: “Tela para falda y no oso en la orilla”