Weekend Plans - Black Truffle day in Pobes

This Sunday from 11am on there will be celebration in Pobes, Alava with different bars and restaurants offering special pintxos and menus including local produced black truffle.

In the local bars you will have opportunity to taste pintxos like: "Albondiguitas trufadas con Rioja alavesa reducido" (veal and pork meatballs with wine and truffle sauce), "Espuma de tortilla de patata trufada" (layers of chorizo, crushed potato omelete with milk, and grated truffle) "Trufada de ciervo con reducción de vino tinto y puré de castañas" (minced stag meat saisoned with truffle with chessnut and red wine sauce)

There will be also exhibition of the way of finding the truffle with dogs and basque traditional sports (oxen tests or idi probak). A wonderful weekend plan!
More information about this event in the website: Alava's truffle