Kite Festival

This weekend, as every year, following the inniciative of One Sky One World (O.S.O.W.) there will be a kite fly exhibition in Garaio Park, Araba province (ca. 20 km to the East of Vitoria-Gasteiz).

You can come to see this colourful show on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th October. Always from 9:00 h until 19:00 h. 

The event is prepared and organized by Lau Haizetara
This year is the 14th time they organize this event with more and more public and participants every year.

You will have opportunity to see different kind of kites, some of them really weird for many people, like the one in the picture taken from their website (now offline)

Appart from the kite fly, you can attend other activities like balloon flying or making your own kite.
A nice plan to have a good time for all ages this weekend.